George Martin
George Martin, a shoe cobbler from Germany founded Geo. Martin & Sons, in 1846. George hand made shoes for his customers up until the 1880s, when shoe factories started to manufacture shoes. In the early 1900s, George's two sons changed the name of the shoe store to Martin Brothers. Due to the increase in mass production of shoes, Martin Bros. became a retail facility specializing in custom shoes and shoe repair. In 1929, the next generation of Martin's changed the name of the shoe store again, to Martin's Shoe House, and in 1980, Martin's Shoe House became a privately held corporation.

Serving Monroe, Michigan for over 153 years, Martin's Shoe House Inc. is the oldest shoe store to remain in one location, in the State of Michigan, and quite possibly the oldest in the United States. The fifth and sixth generation of Martins are currently working at this location.

Today, Martin's Shoe House is a full retail facility, selling men's, women's, and children's shoes. We sell athletic shoes, dress shoes, walking shoes, work shoes, boots, as well as over the shoe rubbers, socks, slippers, and any other shoe related item (including shoelaces, shoe polish, cleaners, shoetrees, sprays, dyes, etc.)

Our main concentrations are in orthopedic, arthritic, and diabetic footwear, as well as corrective shoes for all ages. We also have a full service shoe repair shop and a pedorthic lab.

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