Shoes have two basic purposes: protection and performance. A certified pedorthist, or C.Ped, creates the therapeutic link between patient and footwear, by working from a doctor's prescription to achieve resutls.

Although shoes come in fixed shapes and sizes, the feet they cover do not. Feet, which lengthen and broaden naturally throughout adulthood, come in assorted shapes and sizes.

It is important, therefore, for medical professionals to recognize the benefits of pedorthic management of the foot. Pedorthics uses footwear to provide therapy for the foot, and can help relieve the pressures and stresses placed on the feet.

Certified Pedorthists should be important members of the team involved in the care of patients with conditions affecting the foot. The pedorthist works in conjunction with doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical professionals to meet patients' footcare, and footwear needs.

The most important roles of the pedorthist are to provide prescription footwear, and to make orthoses or external shoe modifications.