Men's Full Soles & Heels
Leather Soles with Rubber Heels Reg. Size $65.00 up
Leather Soles with Leather Heels $74.00 up
Compositions soles (including)
$60.00 up
Lug Soles / Thick work boot sole $75.00 up
Men's Half Soles & Heels
Leather Soles with Rubber Heels $55.00 up

Composition Soles (including)


$55.00 up
Cowboy Boot Styles $55.00 up
Prices include refurbishing leather uppers, cleaning, polishing, inking of the soles (make the shoes look new)
* Additional charges for extra work done to level the heels & any work done to the welt.
Men's Heels
Rubber Heels $23.00 up
Combination Leather / Rubber $25.00 up
Ladies Full Soles & Heels
Leather Soles with Rubber Heels $50.00 up
Composition & Crepe soles & Heels $50.00 up
Ladies Heels
Rubber Heels $15.00 up
Dress Heels (spike or pin) $12.00 up
Preventative Toe & Heel Plates
Toe Plates $5.00 up
Women's Toe Tips $12.00 up
Metal Heel Plates $10.00 up
Plastic Heel Plates $5.00 up
Dye Jobs
Dye shoes (leather) $20.00 up
Dye Boots (leather) $25.00 up
Dye shoes (satin, cloth dyeables) $20.00 up
Dye Purse (satin, cloth dyeables) $15.00 up
Dye shoes & purse together same color $25.00 up
New zippers in boots or coats $2.00 an inch up
Patch jobs $5.00 min.
Stitching jobs $3.00 min.
Punch holes & eyelets $.50 each
Speed lace hooks or Metal Eyelets $2.00 each
Arch Pads $10.00
Walk Straight (Heel Wedges) $4.00 small
$5.00 med.
$6.00 large
Metatarsal Pads $5.00 pr. up
Tongue pads $3.00 pr.
Foam cushions (Halters) $5.00 pr.
Heel Grips $3.00
Shoe Shine $7.00 up per pair
$10.00 Boots
$10.00 up Multi Colored
Re-string gloves (Ball Gloves Relaced) Call 734-241-5866
Handbags Call 734-241-5866
Orthopedic and Prescription Work
Full Sole External Build Ups
(For leg length discrepancy)
1/4 inch $40.00 min. up
1/2 inch $50.00 up
1 inch $65.00 up
Approximately $10.00 per every 1/2 inch after the first full inch.  
External Prescription Work
Rocker Soles $25.00 up per shoe
$40.00 per pair
Extended Steel Shank $30.00 up per shoe
$50.00 per pair
Heel only build up $15.00 up per shoe
Met Bars $15.00 up per shoe
Custom Made Shoes
We cast your foot in our store, then we ship the casts to either Acor, Tru-Mold Inc., or P.W. Minor to have a pair of custom shoes made to fit your feet. Any style, color, size you need. $600.00 + up
Custom Made Orthotics
Diabetic $220.00 up
Full Length Orthotic $200.00 up
3/4 Length Orthotic $185.00 up